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About Now Is

Now Is is a list of live music events, and occasionally events of other types, in Chicago, and occasionally other places.

You can help

Please send tips, pointers, corrections, etc to

Mildly interesting

This calendar has been maintained by me, Tushar Samant, since late 2006. It was preceded by calendars maintained by Seth Tisue and Malachi Ritscher.

Large parts of the years 2020 and 2021 are, unfortunately, missing.

There is no theory governing what is listed. The general bias is hopefully clear from the listings themselves.

Current work

I am working on:

Deeply fascinating

This website provides a rudimentary data feed to anyone interested in accessing the calendar with code.

This website does not carry ads, set cookies, track visitors, or run analytics.

This website frequently scores over 3.9 hundos.

This website is powered by fish, Bash, Vim, Git, Lua, html-xml-utils, CSS technology,, CCP technology, and text file technology.